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Yes yes yes, March is such a promise of spring. I love planting potatoes outdoors--the first thing in our garden--on St. Patrick's Day.


Not March Madness! MM might be my least favorite thing about March. oh well
What I love is seeing crocus, snowdrops and daffodils make an appearance and the sun is brighter, the days longer.
Smith has been starting many plants from seeds. It is time to get started. Good luck!


Very excited about Jane Eyre! Jumping from Bronte to Austen, have you watched the BBC production "Lost In Austen"? Total chick flick, but a must see for Austen fans. In NM it's the never ending March winds that just kill me.


Great list and I couldn't agree more that the best thing about March it ends with the start of April!


Great list! I forgot about spring cleaning. I don't usually get around to it, but it feels really good when I do. I'm definitely going to read about violet syrup!

kathy b

usually I'd say...when it is over!
But im trying out a new March attitude this year. My friend Grace knit me a green cabled hat and im wearing it for march goodness. I am also going on a spring trip in March....
and I may be fostering a kitty in march!

Seanna Lea

Spring cleaning? What's that?

All joking aside, I will get one thorough cleaning in probably next Monday, because one of my friends is crashing at our place while he works PAX East. His place isn't spotless, but I would feel a little weird if I didn't at least put away my crafting materials in the guest room.


love your list! have a great month!! (and I didn't even know they were making a jane eyre movie - yay!!!)

Christina Scovel

Hmm - great list. I haven't thought about mine yet. Going to think about what spring holds for us (cleaning chicken poo might be on that list).

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