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I should keep pen and paper there, too. Confederates in the Attic is very good but I do think it's more appealing to reenactors.


Oh! Bulb catalogs! Perfect bedside reading!

Foy - Garden.  Cook. Write. Repeat.

I like the size of your night stand, mine is tiny. All I have room for is an alarm clock, lamp and my laptop. In the dish shaped base of the lamp there are usually a couple pair of earrings and chapstick.


I wish my nightstand looked so organized! I really like the idea of lavender oil on the bedside. may have to try that! Visiting from Ten on Tuesday!


Bulbs! Now I will dream of spring. Much of what's on my table is a derivation of what's on yours, but I only have one book (Love in the Time of Cholera). A few issues of The New Yorker and my computer are on the floor at the foot of the table...does that count?

kathy b

love reading your list....bulbs ahhhhhh the perfect snowstorm read


your table is so big...and so neat! love the books and thank you for the vitamin E oil tip (because I'd hate to think it's just age :-)


I like your idea about the notepad - I should keep one with me at ALL times. I read "Confederates In the Attic" in one day. Love Tony Horwitz, but am also a family history nut, and the Civil War (both sides) figures prominently in all my family lines. I was also kinda of amazed at the people in that book and that it was nonfiction.


ah ha! well, the Kindle, the lamp, the coaster, the clock radio, and each night a water bottle. Now I have a drawer in my nighttable so I have lots of stuff tucked in that drawer(reading glasses, ear plugs, chapstick, bookmarks, ad nauseaum). Fun post..


Oh, your nightstand looks so pretty! I was just lamenting last night how cluttered my nightstand is. I have a lamp, an old radio alarm clock (I think it might be time for a new, smaller one), a book called "Simplicity Parenting" that I've just started, a small basket that holds a bunch of random stuff, and an old coaster that is painted to look like a watermelon, but it's falling apart. Oh, and I have a small dish that my best friend gave me for Christmas that currently holds a rock with smiley face on it and some plastic bracelets that my daughter likes to play with. Too much stuff, it needs to get cleared off!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ah, that M-Edge Kindle cover! Thanks for the recommendation as I love mine too :-)

That is interesting about the Vitamin E oil. Maybe I should add some of that to my DIY cuticle oil. The recipe I used called for mostly castor oil, but I'd prefer using something else.

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