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I knew your list would bring me so many good things - I've been waiting all day for you to post!

Christina Scovel

Great list. I have to think about mine :)

kathy b

Im off to creativity boot camp and Jane brocket first. Great list! All new to me


I'm always excited to see your 10 on Tuesday...imagine my surprise when lo and behold a link to my blog. I best get busy and post!


I can't decide if I'm more excited to be on your blog or be on a list with Smitten Kitten! Thanks so much for all the leads. Most of the blogs you list are new to me.


I love Be More with Less. Thank you for introducing me to yet more blogs to read!


Bev, Thanks for including me! You gave Project333 wings and I am so glad we met through that. One more benefit of a smaller wardrobe! ;)


Oh I think I'm going to like that Smitten Kitchen! Thanks Bev!


Awwww. Thank you so much for talking us up. Although my new goal is to turn our blog into a knitting blog by next year. hahahaha! LOL

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