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Love love love!!!


Where do you find this stuff?!?! Every time I go looking, I never find stuff as exciting. 'Course, I can't ever find anything in TJMaxx either when my best friend from high school would come out with $200 worth of stuff for $20!


You found some great things!


love. in my antiquing over the years the best i've ever found is one steel crochet hook. i think katie and i suffer from the same problem! i love the bernat cover and neal's comment has me giggling. he's a good one, you should keep him. ;)

Christina Scovel

Oh what treasures. Nice find - I can't wait to see how you use them :)


i'm going with you next time! Please?? Tatting..I would love to learn that craft. You just reminded me that I must find my two pillow cases edged with lace tatting, must sew them onto new pillow cases. My great grandma was a tatter (did I just make that up?) and I was lucky enough to have several of her cherished pieces.


neal's question is DELIGHTFUL! (and I'm curious how you answered :-) my aunt and grandmother made crocheted and tatted lace - it's a lovely art, but boy is it hard to see! my limit is fingering weight yarn on size 1 knitting needles!

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