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kathy b

Love your never looking for keys mantra!

I hit the mail right away too, and sort and throw out .

Writing things in my purse and wall calendar at the same time assures they are in sync.

Just working the same days in the week helps me feel so organized .>For years I rotated shifts and days with Fireman....this life is so much easier

Christina Scovel

Wow. I think that all lists for organization should be similar - yet your list has so many things I didn't think about. Great list! :)


I love that you want to pretend to be a librarian! As for the calendar situation, I use outlook and sync it to my phone and that works well for me. It lets you create as many different calendars as you want, too.


#2 is the biggest reason I rarely use DHs computer. OMG, can he really function that way? lol
#3 is part of my "stay sane" routine as are numbers 5 and 7.
#8 is one of my new routines as I'm trying to make more interesting meals instead of the old standbys.
Great list as I gleaned a few more ideas for organizational techniques.

Amanda S.

You're my long lost organizing twin! I have very similar strategies. Good luck figuring out your calendar - please share if you figure it out. I still trying to figure out mine!

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