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We have that same OED! The Boy's first look up? PAGAN. LMAO!

Saag Paneer is definitely on my list, as well as my clothes washer. I had to hit the laundromat for Six. Weeks. after The Great Electric Debaucle of 2010 fried the spin control on ours.

Northern Girl Knits

I feel the same way about MY Kindle. It's my 5th appendage.


Saag Paneer!! Yes! Just this morning I thought about what we could have along with the saag paneer in the freezer. ;-)


Saag Paneer is a new one for me. Do you have a great recipe to share?



#3 - Still holding out for my iPad as I read but not enough to satisfy a Kindle

#7 - a MUST

But if I had to create my own list sans people and pets I think mine might be something like:

1. Coffee. Yes, I love it. I don't need it but I do love it and I love talking about it and smelling it and thinking about the whole process.

2. My 'ol brown boots. They complete me.

3. Good dirt. I love my gardens and my fields and even when they aren't growing anything I love the color and texture of good dirt; the possibilities.

4. My MacBook Pro. It connects me to worlds past and worlds ahead.

5. The music of Henry Purcell.

Christina Scovel

Goodness nice list. Running water is something I think most of us couldn't live without. I'm currently putting together my list - but I think yarn will be on it for sure!


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who names her computer. Charlotte is my baby, but oddly she didn't make my 10 list. Hm. But then I think I the list the same as you did originally and made it all very post apocalyptic.


Wonderful list. I love those boots!


love your list! I didn't put a car on mine because I'd love to live without it (of course like you that would mean moving to a place my husband wouldn't like, but wow, it would be SO NICE not to drive!)

kathy b

tell me about these Signature needles. Really they are that great???

Things I don't want to live without

*fireman, my hero
*bread and butter
*my kids of course
*music....just got an ipod shuffle
*my camera
*four seasons of change
*my medications

kathy b


ID go Crazy without my floss

Kristi aka FiberFool

Yep, fairly similar lists! I'm with you on the computer of your own too. Both DH and I would go completely nuts if we shared a system. Not to mention the size hard drive we'd require between his music recording and my photography. It would be epic!

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