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I've been doing Project 333 this round, and I agree, it has made getting dressed so much easier! I do wish, occasionally, for a few other tops, but I have more than enough bottoms in my 33. I also miss a few pairs of shoes. But overall, it's helped make more space in my closet and my life. Still working to pare down on other unnecessary clutter throughout my house; it's just such an overwhelming process, but it is very freeing to clear out things I no longer need and find a new home for them! I need to establish a seller account on Ebay and try to make a few bucks with some things I'm ready to part with!


.. of snow in my yard
.. extra ones that i'm wearing so bits don't freeze off. no clothing items fit just right because everything is extra padded.

i love grey but i'm sick of it in the sky.


Well, you may remember that you and I talked about my black belt -vs- my brown belt. I soon realized (two weeks in) that I had not worn my brown belt at all. In fact, I realized I had only worn it during summer months - with shorts. So, i repurposed it using it like a bit of a bungee cord/rope on a project. It worked perfectly, I was able to let it go pretty easily, and now I have a black belt that matches (almost) everything I need a belt with, and I feel great!


The one thing taking up space in my life right now is my piano. My parents bought it for me when I was 10 and I can play but I don't. Part of me really wants to get rid of it but part of me feels terribly guilty at the thought. It's a purely sentimental attachment but I keep thinking that if I let it go I'll want it back and a piano is an expensive purchase. What to do, what to do?

Christina Scovel

I'm finding that project 333 is not only keeping me thinking about my closet but my fridge and my closets all over the house. I've begin a deep purge of things not used or needed. Most of the stuff I have given away, to friends or charity, but it is freeing.

Thanks for pointing me in the 333 direction!


This morning I thought of you and Project 333 as I looked in my closet and saw everything hanging, ready to wear. It was easy to see there are several jackets and a couple of shoes that need to go. The one thing I'd like to find a home for is a big bag I bought for a laptop I didn't have. Why? jeez


If the faux-Uggs make it through the first round, they will be replaced with a real pair of Uggs. Can't fake the quality! Thanks for chronicling your Phase 1 . . . I never would have made it to this project without you.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I'd be at a loss without my necklaces. Though I do find myself generally reaching for just a handful of ones. I love bracelets but find they get in my way too much to wear. I suspect it is all the time spent on the laptop. One of these days you're going to inspire me to pare down. I just need more time to it thoughtfully, LOL! *sigh*

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