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I really loved seeing your pictures of Project 333, but I can only imagine how much work that was. I was coveting one of your skirts, and loved seeing it pop up over and over.

Happy New Year, Bev! I am glad you seized it already!


Happy New Year Bev!


I loved seeing all your pictures! I hope you'll still post an occasional pic ;) my favorite was the pic of you in all black on the telephone -- and then I loved your tights, they are so fun & a great way to change your look!


A hike like that sounds like a great way to welcome the new year. Happy New Year, Bev!


You found a wonderful way to start every year off right. I've enjoyed your 333 photo shoots and while I don't expect daily or weekly photos, it would be nice to hear what you change and if 333 continues to influence your choices. Happy New Year!!

kathy b

I love the cowl you are wearing.....you knit it right?

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