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Kristi aka FiberFool

If I had everything on hand this would be tossed in the crock pot right now! But I'm missing a few of the key ingredients (marinara, green beans & the cholula). I'm putting it on the list for DH on his way home tonight though as it looks to be an ugly weekend around these parts and this would be wonderful with some fresh baked, crusty bread I bet!


uhm, how/what meat does one cook in a crock pot? why?

i've always (almost only) made cholent in mine (sorta like lentil stew, not sure if the link will go through, just pot chulent into wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholent . tastes wonderful on weekends like this). yes there are meat versions, but mine has always been vege. it's made so often that it's a cholent pot not a crock pot! ;)

your stew sounds sounds yummy!


Kristi, it is great with bread. If I've planned ahead, I sometimes make no-knead bread to go with. Delicious!

Penny, I grew up with my mom cooking roasts, brats & sauerkraut, and all sorts of other meats in the crockpot. I don't know anything else about it as I've rarely cooked meat any way! Thanks for sharing your recipe.


This sounds delicious and I bet Hannah would love it - minus the hot sauce since that daughter of mine thinks ketchup is spicy! I've already planned and shopped for our meals next week, her last week home (sob) but I will put this on the list for her first weekend visit.

Christina Scovel

NOM NOM - I'm going to try making it this week!

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