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I haven't thought about my to do list today, yet, but I must say that I love the picture!
So, now that I've reflected for a moment, really need to load up the jukebox, but it's so cold in here I don't want to leave the fireplace. Presents are all shipped, except the last knitted one, so I should probably get on that today. And that's as far as I'm willing to think on this cold, cold morning!


Telling the guy in your life he is awesome is a grand thing to do. The only thing left on my list is dinner with friends. Must put something together so I can see this Holiday season.

Christina Scovel

I just posted my list (potku.blogspot.com). I start each week with a long list of things I'd "like to do". And then each day there is a list of MUST DO. I carry it from work to home and around the planet. I love love love lists.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I've not yet made peace with to-do lists. They stress me out by making the things I need to do much too real. I'm jealous though of those of your who have found them helpful.

Love the opening picture!


Like mine, yours is a mixed list of work and personal things. Good luck with all of it and enjoy what you can.


To do/not eager...planning board meeting tonight. don't want to go out in the cold tonight!
To do/eager....decorate the tree which is up with the lights on!


what's a to-do list? I'm so behind this week not sure why I would even bother... Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well!!


I just bought myself one of these little beauties to house my To Do lists in the coming year: http://www.moleskines.com/sky-blue-x-small-daily-planner.html
I can't wait to start using it!

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