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I forgot to add the gardening. A little afraid of anything "365" but it's tempting! Great list.


It really is that easy to cook rice. I cook it just like I cook pasta. I even drain it in a colander. Sometimes I put a little bit of water back in the pan, stick the colander with the rice on top of it and cover it with a towel and let it steam for a few minutes to get extra fluffy.

Christina Scovel

I just posted mine. I had to think about it really hard. There are things that I know I want to do and others that are right there - on the tip of my brain but they needed a little pushing to get them out into the world.

Your list is wonderful! It made me think and look at my list as well.


Great list - happy TOT!


yes i do indeed love my rice cooker -- with the timer it means i can have rice (or porridge) for breakfast. yum!
awesome list.


Go back to France! First and foremost!
I think I'll work on my list later today, thank you for the inspiration!


I think intentions are about a state of mind and resolutions are just triggers for failure. I'm glad I'm not alone in my thinking. Your list is wonderful. I always think of you as being so enlightened and your list proves that point but also shows me that even the really really smart people I know need help now and again!


I got my idea for a new years theme from Jasmin of the Knitmore girls.

I think it's a nicer way to think about the new year and what it's going to be about.


inspired list! I'm looking forward to following your 365 project progress - and the minimized wardrobe - I know I wear just a small fraction of what I own and it would be so freeing to have more space in place of the things I don't wear! funny, too, how the "intentions" resonated with so many of us. the folks who push "resolutions" should get on board!


I love the yarn fast! I should go on a paper fast because I have tons of scrapbooking paper and I don't need another sheet! Good luck with this years intentions!

Happy ToT!


Cheryl Breuer

I love using intentions instead of resolutions. I might borrow that! Tell me more about your Project 333 modifications. I started on my wardrobe for phase 2 but I got frustrated because I can't find a way to make it work and allow for a few more accessories. My stupid (but necessary) winter gear takes up so many items!


Great list of intentions (which I also like better than resolutions). I haven't had much time to think too far ahead, but maybe in the coming days.


I need to have a think about my intentions for 2011, but I am off for a swim any minute now, so that is one thing accomplished today. I'm also asking for a revised gym programme to work round pregnancy, as I'd asked for lots of sit-ups originally!
Jamie Oliver has a really good method of cooking rice, I'll dig it out and email it over.

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