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I'm with you, I don't get A Christmas Story. And I just watched Miracle on 34th Street for the first time about 3 days ago. I'm more of the Rudolph, Drummer Boy, Grinch, Charlie Brown kind of Christmas specials. I think my favorite was last year when there was a Nutcracker marathon on Ovation TV. The kids were mesmerized and there were some pretty cool versions, as well as one or two that were off their rockers!


I like the ones you mentioned..and I like two more that are not purely Christmas films.... "While You Were Sleeping" takes place at Christmas and so does Sleepless in Seattle (at the beginning of the film anyway).

Kristi aka FiberFool

I didn't see A Christmas Story until a few years ago. It didn't make my 10 either. I don't actively dislike it, but it isn't one I'm likely to suggest.


Great list! I had never seen A Christmas Story until I met Dale and he made me watch it with his kids. I didn't like it at first but seeing how much they enjoyed it really made it special for me.


Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuudddddddgggggggggge. Except I didn't say 'fudge". I still love you, but your revelation did give me pause. I LOVE The Christmas Story. It will be watched many many times this season, as it has been for years now. We quote it year 'round in these parts. I'll give you a pass this time. ;-)

Christina Scovel

Good list. Some I forgot about!

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