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While I absolutely cannot take on another challenge or commitment I am intrigued by Reverb 10. My two words would be:





My word for 2010 would be change. Our family has undergone such dramatic changes with Hannah graduating and going off to college. And I hope for 2011 the world will be secure. Secure in our family, secure in our jobs, secure in our relationships. It would give me comfort. Oooh, that's a good word, too!


Goodness, what a question? Seeing as I have singularly failed at Project 333, by falling pregnant in the middle of it, half the clothes I chose already are a struggle to wear, at just 8 weeks. (I can tell you on here, because I know you won't tell my family & friends!)
This year my word has always been 'Strong', I sat and thought about challenges to come at the beginning of the year, and I knew it would be my watch-word. I've listened to my gut all through the year too, and that has also stood me in good stead.
Methinks with a house move early in the year, a baby due in July, the word for next year could be 'chaos'. I hope it is 'fulfilment'.

Christina Scovel

I'm going to check it out now. On New Years - every year since I was 8 - I have written a letter to myself reflecting on the year and where I think I will be in 5 years. Each year I open up a letter and read it. Mike hates it because I get sad sometimes. It is heartbreaking to see what you thought you would do when you were a kid and how far you can really get as an adult. I have a big book of these letters now and they are a blast. You should do it.

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