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:) even though I love bags, I am slowly paring down to the three for to cover most everything (one for work, one for play, one for fancy). there is a fourth for travel, but that is special considerations.

oh, you asked jewelry? my newish pearl necklace. i was angry when my loving husband brought it home... it was much fancier than the string of pearls mom gave me in high school. but it is perfectly me. he did really well. i'm looking for the proper earrings to pair with it and at all other times. the cheap silver hoops are not cutting it.

i will not give up my mother's engagement diamond that was reset into a necklace for my 21st birthday, but i do not wear it often anymore.


The LBD will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
My wedding rings and watch are the only jewelry I wear everyday. I might miss the 25th anniversary ring, even though I rarely wear it.


When I was 22, recently having dumped a guy who expressed his displeasure over being dumped by trying to hit me, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. And decided that I did NOT need a man in my life. As a symbol of my newfound independence, I bought myself a lovely antique diamond wedding band and had it resized to fit my right pinky finger. Rarely have I been without it in the subsequent 19 years.


I never take off my claddagh (sp?) ring, so I definitely couldn't do without that one. A gift from my husband the last time we were in New Orleans and I was still competing in Irish Step Dance. And in addition to my wedding band and engagement ring, Steve gave me a matching band to wear on the other side for my 30th birthday, so that, too, would have to stay, if I were playing this game! My watch gets worn sometimes, and sometimes not. I rarely wear necklaces with the kids around, too scared they'll pull them off. And I always have a stud of some color in all 4 earring holes, so I guess those would have to stay as well. What is that, 4 items just in jewelry that would have to stay? Looks like I made a good decision to not play! I do however have a LARGE bag of clothing going to Goodwill!


You've inspired me, and I've been "practicing" for the next round of Project 333. However that wedding ring freebie still annoys me to no end. It's a sentimental symbol; it's not required in the way that a piece of clothing would be, so I think it should count as one of the 33 pieces.

Given the weather, the absolute must haves for the next three months would be my winter kit -- snow boots, coat, gloves, hat, and scarf.

I'm learning to slowly release the power that material goods have had on me. It's been a sentimental power, but that can be a very tough thing to overcome.

Madame Purl

I think this is a challenge I could master. I hate to shop and look like I stepped out of the catalog. Of course the shorter, older, uglier sister of those folks. I will just call LL Bean and be like send me 3 of these and 3 of those in different colors. I swear I'm style impaired.

I'm a hoarder in all sorts of other things - fleece, yarn, etc, but clothes (I blame it on Catholic school)... well I wear everything till it is rags and has to be pitched. I've pinned up sweat pants with the elastic blown and hoped they won't fall down. Same with my handbags and shoes - worn till they wear out. I do still have few coach ones when that leather (hard to wear out leather) was the style. I think it was a style at one time. :)

Christina Scovel

All of this has made me really re-think my clothing. I've been purging things that don't fit perfect. And I've really been thinking about things before buying anything.

ana @ i made it so

this post (and your blog) came to me at such a good time. i'm feeling so inundated with "stuff" and messages everywhere telling me that i need more of it. now, i *know* that i don't, but it's so nice to read about someone actually doing something like this. simplifying. back to basics. i'm going to read back a bit and learn more about this project you've taken on.

(and to answer your question: just my wedding ring, and i know that doesn't count, but it's the only one i'd miss)

Trisha R

Since Project 333 (which I just couldn't get together fast enough to participate this time around) I've been taking a long, hard look at my closet. Once a week I pull something out that I haven't worn in a while. I wear it, and if I don't love it it goes into the Goodwill trash bag. So far EVERYTHING has gone into the bag. I have more room to move my clothes around and I LOVE IT!


What a terrific project. I'm such a plain jane that it would be pretty easy for me with most of my clothes. Shoes, though would be a challenge!

Right now it is so cold here that I seem to be wearing all the pieces I would be allowed on the challenge at the same time...

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