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Christina Scovel

I feel SO guilty when I break rules. Even if I know I need to break them for whatever reason. It is like it sits in my stomach all day. Normally, once I've fully finished whatever I'm doing I can move on. But, during the breaking of the rule ... BAD BAD feeling.


I am pretty sure it was FDR that said, "Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are." Therefore, I try to not look too firmly at rules. I think of them are ethical guidelines. Therefore, if I feel I need to break a few suggestions or guidelines to do what I feel is ultimately the right thing, then I do.

When I worked as a youth pastor my first evening with them found me in jeans, a tshirt, and some doc martens. I was immediately approached by one of the deacons of the church who asked me what I thought I was doing dressing so inappropriately. I responded, "I am not here for you. I am here for them. And if I am HERE for them then they will be HEAR for Him (and I gestured to my ear and then upward)." I wasn't trying to make a point but rather be myself so I could connect with a group of students who knew dishonesty and phony when they saw it!


Authenticity is always best, right, Drew?

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