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(in no particular order). Time with my extended family. Wine. Pumpkin pie. Turning my cell phone off. Macy's Day parade. Leaves crunching under my feet on an after-supper walk.

Christina Scovel

Ah - another good list! I am really enjoying the Ten on Tuesday!


Memories are a wonderful thing this time of year. And stuffed celery! YES! Do you put olives in your cream cheese?

Kristi aka FiberFool

I love mashed potatoes and I do think of them as a side for meat. But if DH liked them I think I'd make them. But, alas he does not and spent too many childhood evenings at the dining table not getting excused until he finished them to come around. I had some fabulous ones this week with blue cheese in them!

A great list! It's been fun to get a glimpse into people's traditions!

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