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I buy from several places you've mentioned but you've introduced me to several more. Thank you? lol


So many new places for me to explore!

Christina Scovel

Thanks for the mention girl and you know you inspire me with your style! You really do. I had no idea you were a Title 9 girl. I love them too. I actually asked them for different sized models once. They told me they only get test outfits in size 10. WTF is up with that I wonder?


What a great list! I've only shopped at 2 so there are 8 more for me to explore! And I had no idea about the Ravelry/Amazon link, good to know.
As for me, my online shopping generally starts and ends with Amazon, B&N, and LLBean. I really need to explore those indie sites more, especially since I want to have my own!


Thanks for the new ideas...I too love Title 9!


Great list!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Several news ones to me on your list! Yay! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! :o)) (you made me blush...just letting you know) xo

Seanna Lea

I love Title 9. It is where I have gotten at least one of my best sports bras, and I love the look of the garments though I haven't broken down and bought any yet.

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