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I have thought of you and your outfits as I've chosen clothes to wear to work this week. I may be interested in Round Two of Project 333.

This weekend.... feels like a guilty pleasure but I'm going to spend it doing some organizing, meeting a friend for lunch and then playing cards at a cafe, napping, reading, and watching a netflixed movie (Waiting for Henry Poole - or something like that).

Saw kids last night in line at the theater for a midnight showing of That Movie about The Kid with the scar on his forehead. Some kids were in costume. what fun!


Oooh, we've got tickets to the Saturday 6:30 show. No kids, just us and the crazies that have to see it the first weekend. Guess I just lumped myself into the crazies category!
Outside of that, I'm thinking holiday decorating may be on tap. That and a Canadian Lager Homebrew or two. . .


Holiday shopping and a movie night with DD! It's cooold outside so a fire is in order. Love your firepalce too!


Are you going to do the new year 333?

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