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Christina Scovel

We have had the same washer and dryer for the past 12 years. So, I have no advice. But, your week looks great! Of course I keep waiting hoping to see photos of the boots - do I have to wait until January?


searsoutlet. i hope they'll deliver to you, we were just beyond any delivery zones, so we did it ourselves (i do not recommend this).


Sears is good...we are limping also with a washer and dryer at about 15 yrs old. I dread the whole thing because it will mean renovating the space to fit them in the pantry. I don't even know HOW we got them in there in the first place! Good luck with the search!


Isn't that what jeans are for?


I have the year's best issue of Consumer Reports if you want to borrow. GE Profile Harmony got the best rating in dryers, both electric and gas. Washers, depends on whether you want front or top loading, conventional or HE. Call me and I can read you all about it if you want!
As for the outfits, I'm loving the orange!


I always forget you're a tall girl.

Get the best machines you can afford to. The better the quality, the longer they will survive.



I wear the same pair of jeans more than once a week, I think it's fine! My only advice is don't go to Sears.


Loving this week's outfits!
I just got a lavender cable knit sweater instead of my usual black. thought of your orange sweater and the gray one when I got mine.

the dryer: have you cleared out the vent in the back? the big ol hose that goes outside? sometimes clearing that out will have your dryer acting new. (sometimes not though)


I do that same pair of jeans thing as well - it's good for them. Plus they get to the exact right fit at about day 3...


The upside? Air drying clothing saves them a serious beating. As you're limited to 33 items over the next 8 weeks, you're extending the life of your clothing!

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