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Awwww. Thankful for YOU! :) Have a great day.

Kim K.

I'm also thankful for the people in my life: my family, my friends, my students, and all those casual encounters with others that make me grateful for the essential goodness in humans (thank you all for your hellos, your smiles, and your courtesies--you know who you are).
Plus I'm thankful for Clancy, Mac, Duff, and Gracie, the animals in my life who remind me/force me to live in the moment every day.
Happy Thanksgiving. :)


I'm thankful that I met you this year. Believe it or not, my worries and fears for Hannah have been calmed knowing that if I needed you to be there for her, you would be. So, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Christina Scovel

Happy "day after" Thanksgiving to you too. Your hike looks lovely! We had planned a nice quiet day/night. But, we ended up helping a friend deep fry a bird (a co-worker of Mike's who was fired and treated really poorly a few months ago). And a friend who is super depressed we invited down. We stayed up until 11 just eating and drinking. Lovely time!


You day sounded lovely! We did much the same...pack of dogs on a woods walk after an incredible feast with family and friends. We played Catch Phrase into the evening.

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