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I don't think I could ever possibly whittle down to 33 items for a month. My habit of wearing five necklaces at once, or a skirt and a dress and a tank and a jacket and a belt and a scarf and boots (plus jewelry) would do me in on that account.

However, I think that if I had to, I'd absolutely include the bronzey-coppery leather harness I recently purchased off Etsy. I've worn it nearly constantly since. It's comfortable, beautiful, and an interesting addition to just about everything - and the color means it goes with everything.


Now that I'm not working, I doubt if I wear more than 20 items in my wardrobe...still I just didn't have the time to weed through everything and come up with 33 for this (really cool!) project. :-( I like your list and am interested in reading how it goes for you.

Christina Scovel

Sunglasses count in the list. Youch. I'm so amzed you are doing this. I really can't wait to see how you feel after a month or so. When I was doing my forced version of it I had people saying, "Didn't you wear that already this week." I hope people don't give you crap like they did to me!


My ribbed wool black turtleneck sweater! Oh, and my Uggs....I am frozen today and wearing both!
Fun project, Bev!

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