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I like the project idea, I hadn't thought of that before. When I was a kid my dad worked for Necco and we always had Canada Mints at home, plus Rolos and Necco Wafers. Ahhh, those memories!


Get of the highway to eat! That's our secret, too! We've found the best local restaurants are not far off the road and so much better than the big box fast food places. Great list!


Great list! Love the last minute hotel idea - great way to upgrade an overnight!


Great list! I like the project idea, too.

Christina Scovel

Your list is pretty much the same as ours. We play other games - like word and number games. But, basically ... the same :)


Great list!


Our family road trip food was Twizzlers. They're a must for me now :)


Great list...fond memories of Canada mints! I am about to take a quick road trip and the knitting ALWAYS goes! But some can't do that in a car, thankfully we aren't them! Great trip!

Kristi aka FiberFool

We haven't road tripped since we got iPhones, but that would be awesome for scoring deals. Of course I'm not certain what kind of reception we would have where we usually road trip...

Good trip food is a must. Red Twizzlers were a requirement for school trips to sporting events etc. so they are my quintessential road food. We're also partial to the thin pretzel sticks.

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