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I know from FB that you've been grading like mad. I hope you feel caught up soon. Have fun at Stitches East! We're having a grown up Halloween party tomorrow night, that's my big weekend plan.


Went to Stitches East today. Spent more than I intended, but then again, I didn't make it to Rhinebeck! Did score some EL Silky Flamme for a sweater I've been eyeing to make myself for half-price. Yea! As for this weekend, it's all about the kids. Trick-or-treating at the Y tomorrow night and the 'hood Sunday night. With a soccer game and perhaps some fishing thrown in, should be a fun weekend!


Bitter? Really? LOL!

I must say that, even though I didn't participate in the Project 333, I've found some great wardrobe tips, pitched TWO large trash bags of clothes (sent off for donation) and bought a few new pieces that fit better and work better than what I had before. Feels odd to be paring down my wardrobe by buying more clothes...but there's a method to my madness. :-)


I just love your outfits. Did a pair of Signatures come home with you? I love those needles.


Christina Scovel

Seems like a missed a bunch of these on Flickr. I love the printed tights. they really do switch up an outfit and make it fresh and new.


So jealous you live close to Stitches East - how was it? Update! Update!

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