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Love those pics of you!


Thank you for sharing your experience with minimalistic dress. Do you think it's easier or harder to dress each day? Do you miss much of what you've tucked away? I have a four day weekend and my plans are to be free and easy, go where the wind blows. It might be winter here by the time my vacation is up!


I read your 333 thoughts and found my answers. You have already learned to be true to yourself. How cool!!


I hope to snuggle my honey, kick this colds arse, and pack for my trip to DC on Monday morning. I also just found that there is no Fluevog shop in DC :(


Getting in the last hay for the winter today, dinner with daughter and beau tonight and then dyeing alllll weekend witha smattering of knitting and movies!

You should be a model, Bev! Lovely.


Great pics Bev! Found out today I need to wear glasses for distance too now. So I'll be choosing frames for progressive lenses tomorrow. It'll be nice to finally "see" more clearly. I think a walk in the woods will also be in my plans. The sugar maples and other trees are just beautiful now.


I'm loving reading about your 333 experience, and seeing the photos each week. I'm inspired...I think a closet-and-drawer purge is in my near future.

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