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I need to work on fit-for-me and seaming. So much so that I'm going to knit Sprossling as written (aka FLAT) and seam it. Even though I'm not officially on Project 333, I am taking a hard look at every item in the wardrobe, even the house/yard-work items and making a decision.

The hard part is shoes. I don't have many by any stretch of the imagination, but my size is hard to find so I tend to hang onto what I find. I have a few pairs I wear once every two years or so, and they are well made so while they don't get much attention, I'm hesitant to pass them on. Guess it's good I have tiny feet too... they don't take up much space. ;)


My wardrobe is already minimalist which is why I didn't join 333, but I love following your progress. When I cleaned everything out, a few of months ago, I kept only what fits well and what I feel good wearing. At least I've learned something in my 60 years. lol


Beautiful cowl - I definitely have to make at least one of these!! New techniques? Hmmm...I always need to improve my finishing skills, especially seaming. I've sworn off most knitted garments for the time being because they never seem to fit me right.

Christina Scovel

I so agree about knitted items and owned items. It is one of the reasons that at the end of each season I go through my closet and clean out what I haven't worn. If I don't wear it, why do I own it? Someone else might love it.


Wow, that's one FAST knit! And it's cute, too. I think you are learning a lot about yourself through the Project333 process.


Love the cowl! And a super fast knit is always in vogue! As for knitting techniques, still working on the socks from the toe up. Then two at a time socks, both toe up and cuff down. And somewhere in there, I need to learn to finish things, period!

Kristi aka FiberFool

That is a great quickie pattern and it looks great on you! I could really use one of those to give me more shoulder coverage as that helps with my chronic pain.


New knitting skill I'd like to develop: starting AND finishing projects! ;o)

Love the cowl!

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