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I love seeing your pictures all together there! You really made me laugh about the flickr/jacket thing...I know it's not funny, yet it's just so weird...thank God for the ability to block people I say.

You are very fashionable! Well done, and I must say my fave pic is the one where your doggy also thinks you're very fashionable ;) Sooo cute.

You have a good weekend too.


Your SPs look great - not boring at all! I'm so happy we finally got to meet in person!


I love your choices so far! Lucky you - meeting Carole and Dale AND being at Rhinebeck. :-)

Kim K.

Especially love the print dress and patterned stockings...all your choices are nicely done. :)

Christina Scovel

JL - is still so missed. Someone who had a vision for the way the world should be - and he was really trying to get us there. So sad.

Your outfits are fantastic! You know I always pick out my outfits on Sunday night. I have the whole week mapped out before the week starts. 333 must make you feel the same way. Organized in the morning.


Thanknyou so much for your wedding wishes!! xo


wow...I really, REALLY like your wardrobe choices! They all mix and match so well!


Your wardrobe is so much more fun than mine! I'm jealous. Love your blog, and your dogs. Do you have 3?

Birthday Wishes

Great outfits. Very cute.

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