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Christina Scovel

I want to eat your carrot cake. I love carrot cake - on my favorite items!

My fridge. I have butter, whip cream, organic milk, garden carrots, garden cabbage and too much other crap to list :)


That carrot cake looks so good! And I love those tubes of tomato paste - no more waste! Just like the cartons of broth - no more waste! I would love to have chickens but Dale thinks it's too much work.


um wow i think i just drooled a little upon seeing that carrot cake. and if you're inclined, i'll trade you my bananas foster banana bread recipe for that cake recipe!!


Such a pretty cake!

I have one of those Brita thingies, too. It's taken over half a shelf in the fridge. We are not pleased.



your fridge sounds a lot like my fridge, but yours has better homemade goodness in it. i'm in a cooking slump (the holidays tend to do that to me by this point in them) but i do have some golden beets and a leek that would like me not to forget them and feed them to the compost bin...

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