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I always thanked my mom, it's important to remember what our moms went through to get us here and raise us up! And I love the idea of saving cards to open with breakfast. It's too late for this year but I'm doing it next time.


Well, seeing as tomorrow is MY birthday, I'm going to a staff meeting first thing in the morning (there WILL be cake dammit), then getting a massage. I'm seeing one sweet patient in the afternoon, taking The Boy to karate, then out to dinner. Destination unknown.

My favorite birthday ever, though, was 10 years ago when T and I were in Paris on our belated honeymoon :^D

Christina Scovel

Such a great list. You need a birthday cake dear! A nice big fat cake to eat with some tea or coffee!


Your list is perfect and it gives me a few ideas. Someone should tell Neal...you could give me his email. ;-)


You need a cake! After a number of years without one, I started ordering my own and telling Steve to pick it up on the way home from work. It only took 2 years til he got the message, now he orders it and has me pick it up! Though, last year it was whoopie pies, had fallen in food lust with them in Maine and decided they were in order for the celebration! My mom and her sister make each other cakes since their hubbies are slack in that department. See, I'm all about the cake!

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