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new tooth, new hat(s), and inspiration to destash some yarn & my closet.. tomato soup & grilled cheese sounds so yummy.


And the giddy knitters were very thankful! As for random, new birds this week at the feeder, still need to do my version of Project 333 and purge 33 items (only 2 sets of PJs down right now), and I'm currently watching some dinosaur show with my son while he hits the upside down bucket he is currently using as a hat. Oh, and started thinking about pulling out the Halloween decorations today, if I don't do it soon, Halloween is going to come and go before I know it!




Christina Scovel

I have a few bags of yarn that I'm thinking about doing the same thing with. Yarns that I just wont use.

Random with me. Getting ready for a morning run (not normal for me). Trying to avoid meetings (usual for me). Still loving 750.


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