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I first read this and thought - no way I could do that! Then I realized that I think I probably do it anyway because I have so much stuff that either doesn't fit or isn't presentable so I end up wearing the same shirts/pants/shoes all the time anyway.

Then the idea of that above comment depressed me a little bit since I don't really like most of them. ;-)


I love that it falls apart for you over the shoes.


I seem to recall agreeing to this challenge a month or so ago. Since that time, I've had second thoughts. Don't know if I can pull it off. But in the spirit of paring down, I'm going to commit to getting rid of 33 things. If I'm feeling really productive, I'll make them all from the same season. And hopefully, all will go as planned. . .


Fascinating! My fashion statement is Eddie Bauer and Keen, but I like this idea and will think about, at the very least, organizing my t-shirts and shoes.

Christina Scovel

So, I've read all the rules and am thinking about it. I'm just so unsure. I have work travel in that period and I go from hot to cold places. Makes me nervious. How are you dealing with that sort of thing?


I really love this idea...and I think I will go through my closet to see if 33 items is doable - I am sure it is!

And I have been coveting those Blood Orange Malibrans oh so much. But the grey are hardly a second choice - so beautiful in a different way.


Very interesting! Now that I'm not working, I have waaaayyy too many clothes.


I've actually had a trial run over the last few weeks and it's so possible to do this.

One thing I have done I admit with things like bangles is I've grouped them, like in sets..and even have for jewelery earrings x3 counts as one thing (omg I'm naughty :P)...then again I don't really care about cheating a bit...I'm ok with making my own rules just a little.

On the other hand, despite this slight cheating I have even found that some things over the last few weeks I haven't used!! So it will be very interesting to see how we all go over a longer period. :)


I am looking forward to this journey!

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