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My go-to cheer up show is the Britcom "Are You Being Served?". I have the first 5 seasons on DVD and giggle every time I hear Mr. Humphries chirp "I'm free!" or Mrs. Slocombe refer to her "pussy."



Thank you for sharing a wonderfully unique list.


My favorite post of the week, perhaps because I have a thing for lists! When I need lightening, I put on some favorite tunes and dance. No matter what I'm feeling, music can always turn me around, whether from sad to happy, anxious to mellow, music is my muse.


Your list is wonderful. I love the idea of planning and executing a dinner party.

Kristi aka FiberFool

Great list! I especially like the dinner party and long letter ones!

Christina Scovel

My mood is happier reading blog posts. I think there is this karma in the world that just flips a switch when you need it. Bad mood - read a little PoMo Golightly .. :) Zap. GONE!

Creative Recreation

Just shows that writing by way of knowledge brings so a lot depth and relevance to types readers. Thank you for sharing.

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