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Rachael Herron

Wow. I wanted to be a nun or a marine biologist, too. And mostly a writer. But second most? Flight attendant. :)


I wanted to be an archaeologist, an Egyptologist, and then a pediatric surgeon. I was completely ignoring the fact that I'm horrid at math and that chemistry gave me nightmares.

I love being a librarian, but I finally had an epiphany and realized I had some talent for writing, but it's still taken me till my mid-30s to start writing again.

Christina Scovel

I wanted to be an astronaut or an archaeologist or a teacher. I of course ... am none of these things.


I wanted to be a marine biologist (u of miami), a forest ranger or an artist. I was told I could only go to school an hour away and that all my choices were inappropriate. I should be a nurse like my mom. Being the good girl that I always am, I did exactly what I was told.
I have let my kids study whatever they wanted in school so far. I can't wait to see what they become! BTW, my mom thinks I'm crazy!


I still want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. I'm not convinced I'm really a grown up yet! Or an archaeologist, teacher, dolphin trainer, shark biologist, paleontologist. Looks like I could get some good vacations out of these career options that aren't going to happen!

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