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Ahem...I have lived in the northeast and am proud to report that the midwest, especially Minnesota, also does a kickass job with fall colors. :-)


When I was making my list I asked R to help and the first thing he said was, "well, *I* live here...?" hehe

Great list! I wish we had a bike trail closer to home (and that the closest one wasn't in a tourist town *ahem*)


I am jealous of your bike path! Even though I live in the suburbs, it's hard to bike near my house due to the main roads and traffic.


What a lovely list!


I think this would be a very good exercise for me since I am not always thrilled with where I live right now! I especially wish that your #2 was true for me.

Thanks for helping me think more positively!


Great list. It's hard to bike in my area because it's very hilly but many people do so I hope that as I get fitter I'll be able to do it too.

Christina Scovel

All of these things I had no idea about. Tobacco huh? Very interesting.

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