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I could easily live without at TV. Sometimes I think we only have it because we have the cable/internet/phone bundle. I remember how upset I was when my mother bought me a TV when I moved into my first apartment - she said she couldn't bear the thought of me living alone without a TV. Should I have told her I was always out partying and never home to watch it??? ;-) Over 20 years later, I gave that same TV to my stepdaughter when she got her own place, and it still worked!

I, too, have not seen most of the popular TV shows over the past 30 years. Like you, too many other interesting things to do!

Christina Scovel

Wow. Your story is very similar to mine. I didn't watch tv for a good 8 years and they were a great 8 years filled with a lot of other fun and entertaining things. My husband now loves to watch movies and sci-fi shows. Which we watch. But, again I normally knit or spin while the tv is on. We have no tv night in our house once a week. Which is always fun. And when he is gone ... well it doesn't even kick on!

Seanna Lea

I could miss television in a heartbeat. I used to watch a lot and play video games (blame my husband for that one), but I felt like I had nothing to show for my time. I would rather have no television and just read or knit or weave or do something with a lingering benefit.


A great list. And I totally agree that an awful lot of shows on the History Channel really have nothing to do with history.

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