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I had to plod through Wolf Hall, too. She needed a better editor (or something). You've added a couple of books to my list.


Excellent list! I loved The Historian and Confederates in the Attic is one of my husband's favorite. It just ties in so well with the whole Civil War reenactor thing. Did you know that Tony Horowitz is married to Geraldine Brooks? Hannah's favorite book is Wuthering Heights. It's not one of my favorites but I'm thrilled that she loves it so much.


oooh, The Historian was REALLLY good. REALLLLLLY good. I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this week - LOVE IT! The new Bourdain was right tasty. Also? Just Kids by Patti Smith. Even if you're not a fan, her take on the times and her reasoning behind writing it (Mapplethorpe requested it on his deathbed) is fabulous. Her statement about whether it was someone's "amphetamine use or his amphetamine mind" is still my favorite quote.

PoMo Golightly

I heard a few interviews with her when it came out. Sounds good!

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Christina Scovel

Pride/zombies killed me. I couldn't get but 60 pages into it and then put it down.

Twilight kills me. It is very young and you'll probably never really enjoy it. I know I didn't.


I'll admit that I've read all 4 Twilight books. Twice. I was at the local cineplex from 6pm last night until after 2 this morning watching all 3 movies. I find them fun brain candy, escapism. I certainly don't consider it anything approaching literature, would be horrified if someone mentioned Twilight in college essays, and don't take any of it seriously. But it was fun!


Loved the Historian!

You probably already know that I'm so not a literary snob - Twilight, Jodi Picoult, Harry Potter - all good with me. Probably not for an academic exercise, but I'm not in school any more!

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