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I'm glad you are participating. Great list!

Christina Scovel

I entertain my nephew's by playing make-believe. We become big animals and crawl over the back yard. We make up plays. I become a queen and demand dragons be killed. That sort of thing ... a total blast!

Kristi aka FiberFool

You hit some good ones that hadn't even crossed my mind! Great list!


Great list! I used to love kite flying.


Good for the child and the adult! Good list!


Bubble storms using industrial strength bubble machine (my lungs aren't that strong!).

Splash pads and sprinklers.

Pretending to be a train. (Including the Woo! Woo! noise in public...by both of us...)

Finger paints. 'Nuff said. ;-)

btw - The Kid can stand on a chair (and unfortunately often does) by himself...I'm not sure I really want him near my food yet though. ;-) Also add to #6 "Eat all the cool stuff". We tried this. There was a great deal of rock lickin' and stick chewing.

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