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Ahhh, that particular question is my general Achilles Heel. My overall fear of failure keeps me from attempting things that I know I will fail at. Sad to say, but at least I'm honest about it. I don't mind failing if I'm trying something new, but I don't generally set myself up for it from the start.


Incidentally, kudos on the completion of the NaBloPoMo. :-D I've enjoyed spending the month with you!

Christina Scovel

Your best question so far! I've been trying to do yoga every day. I fail some weeks. Some weeks I get a full 7 practices in. But, in general ... I fail. What I have decided though is that it is better to try and fail, than to not fail at all. I don't yell at myself. I just accept that I am human and move on. I sometimes laugh to myself and say, "It is better to fail as a human than be a robot." Maybe you should keep that in mind! :)

I hope you keep blogging even after your month is over!


Thanks for a month straight of blogging every day ... it was very much enjoyed & looked forward to in this corner of the world!


I am glad you gave it a go. I have loved reading along and getting a daily dose of my Bev.



Attempting to cross out anything on my to-do list before I add 18 more.. I'm not sure how I feel. Overwhelmed?

Hee hee. I'm spending March and the first week and a half of April trying NOT to write on my site daily (aka 5x/wk) so that some of my other things can get try to get done.

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