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I get Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, Entertainment Weekly and Prevention. EW and Prevention I've managed to fanagle free subscription with airline miles, online surveys, etc. I don't enjoy them as much as I did before I had a kid; I remember those days, when I'd get a new mag in the mail and immediately collapse on the couch and devour it. Sigh.


I only have magazine subs because my MiL got them for me - Cooking Light and Food and Wine. Every so often I pick up a good trashy magazine. I'm more a book person - but for the Times Book Review which it takes me a week or two to finish while eating. ;-)


Hmm. Smithsonian. Vogue Knitting. Interweave Knits. Spin Off. Bon Appetit. Eating Well. Whole Dog Journal. Writers Ask. We have a family subscription to TV Guide, too.


My list is mostly journals, but:

The New Yorker
Virginia Quarterly Review
Capilano Review
One Story
The Paris Review
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet


Interweave Knits, The Knitter, Entertainment Weekly (a long time ago), In the Middle (middle school English), Real Simple (canceled that in order to "simplify my life" - ironic, no?) . . . but I really, really miss Blueprint and another one that I can't remember. I hate getting old!


Let's see - in our house we get:
Interweave Knits (but not for much longer)
Sports Illustrated
Prevention (got this for free)
Cook's Illustrated (gift)

Christina Scovel

Home and Garden
Yoga Journal

I used to get all kinds of magazines but I had to tone it down. I was tired of feeling behind in my reading.


We only subscribe to:
The Economist
The New Yorker
Air and Space
and receive our Alumni/Alumnae magazines.

I keep meaning to subscribe to various IK pubs but I still shell out the extra bucks at the newstand or LYS each issue.

We never subscribed to Stone Soup but I loved reading it at the orthodontist's office.

Mom subscribes to everything under the sun so I try to keep it toned down. I have a 3 month New Yorker backlog as it is.

I agree with the "see website for more info" annoyance. If I wanted to see the website I'd be *at* the website. However, I do like being able to read my Economist electronically as E and I share the subscription and he tends to hang onto it for over a week and then it's only really good for the book reviews. ;)

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