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We used to visit AZ during monsoon season every year for about eight years. I'll never forget - we rented a white car and the storm came through. The car turned a dark, pueblo red. Then, the rain came. In deep, beating, pounding thunks. I remember watching as the red turned back to white while the most beautiful lightning flickered across the sky. There's nothing like the forks of perfect lightning across the desert.

Christina Scovel

I love rain in NM. I love the loud lightning and thunder. I actually went out running in it this past spring. So refreshing and wonderful!


I don't mind the thunder, and yes, the lightening is awesome, and I even love, love, love the smell of rain before it arrives in the desert. It's having to drive on flooded roads that freaks me out. Pretty lightening and awesome scents don't assuage the fear of being swept away or effing up my car with too much water!!

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