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OK this is gross, but I'm not taking the blame for the sty, secondary ear infection, strep throat, enlarged lymph nodes (potential mono) and massive fungal infection(apparently hiding from me for months) that was all diagnosed yesterday for my 16 year old son that just went in for a regular old routine exam..breathing...he said he felt fine so I went to the Iron Frog for happy hour last night. Boys are disgusting!!!!


That's why I like my stupid phone. I never think it can do more than make/get calls and it never disappoints me. ;^)

Last night was knitting and watching BBC America tv. It's that exciting all the time over here. I don't know how I can stand it.


Barbara S.

Friday night I petted my new Olympic Medals yarn, fixed dinner, ogled my pretty yarn, watched "Ratatouille" with Hubband, looked at my new yarn one last time, and went to bed. Thus, a very fine evening indeed!


I'm sorry..."he likes to get turned on in the morning, yes he does"... typical man... typical.

My Fri night was spent preparing some of my post for today since I figured I wouldn't have the time I wanted to do it right. It might be cheating, but...it wasn't. Nuh uh. Not really.

Christina Scovel

I never take the blame for missing chocolate. NEVER :)

Friday night my baby sister came up. We made a pizza and watched Miranda (strange film from 2002). I of course was knitting and trying to push through my current project.

By the way - I've used my iPhone (Manxy) to post to my blog as well. The text never gets lost but the photos always do :( I'm not sure why.

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