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Because I get to make friends with people I'd otherwise never have met.


Regarding comments: If it's still happening, put in a Help Ticket and get the Support folks working on it. Whatever is going on may not be you.

I love it when you blog. Seeing your blog pop up on my screen always makes me happy.

Blogging? It's brought me so many amazing friends and connections. Not only is there amazing support in those friendships, but, no matter what question I might have, I know I will get answer from someone who has been there or already done what I'm struggling with. That's a huge help and a wonderful comfort.

Plus I get to show off the knitting a little bit... when I'm knitting. ;^)



Ya wanna move this one over to wordpress? I still haven't gotten all my skype setup, but I just got one site out of my hair (literally, I launched 15 min ago). I have some time in about a week if you would like to, but we can start email & planning about it now.

I dyed my hair green (washout I was too chicken otherwise) for most cross country & track meets in high school. I want purple these days.

I think you are the one who caused me to DEVOUR My Antonia this weekend. Thank you. xx


I blog as it lets me express myself about my knitting. My family is interested but not so interested in all my musings, successes, failures, questions, etc. as it relates to my passion for knitting. So my blog helps me and I get good feedback from those who are interested. I love blogging and am so glad to have met so many people through my blog.

Christina Scovel

I just posted your contest on my blog. nuclearknits dot blogspot dot com.

I love blogging because when I hit the publish button I feel like people can stay connected with me and I've done something with my day :)

I love blogs and love love flying star (I'm up in Los Alamos - but I go to the one in Santa Fe). Have you tried the new valentines cookies?


I don't blog. I'm a blog-voyeur, I guess. But I'm very happy to see you'll be posting something each day this month -- gives me much to look forward to!


sounds like a plan . . . by the way, love the green streaks (very jealous). and - and this is very, very old - I added the Frost quote as a tattoo on my 40th.

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