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Those are adorable!


That's okay, I just dropped $388 on a pair of Fryes. Thank you, IRS.


Never heard of them, but they are beautiful! I recently succumbed to a red pair of Sofft's. Absolutely no place to wear them and no reason to have purchased them, but, oh, how red shoes can call my name!


Damn. You. How did you make them yours for half the price?!?!?! I love you. I do. But, right at this moment? I kinda hate you.


Those are AWESOME.

Christina Scovel

I stay away from Fleuvog's site. I want them all. These I've been dreamy of recently.


It isn't a sin - but I have to keep it in check as well. I lived in Seattle and John's shop was a 40 minute walk from my apartment. I was into goth and got my very first pair (after saving up for the summer). I wore them until they fell apart. I now own none for fear that I would wear them with everything. Summer, winter, fall. To work to play. ALWAYS. Just love them.

I'm currently super lusting after a book case/desk. Now is that bad?


oh dear. i hadn't met a fluevog i had wanted before. until now: http://www.fluevog.com/code/?w[0]=gender%3Awomen&pp=5&view=detail&p=75&colourID=2466 guess it's really good they don't make 'em tiny for me 'eh?

shoes in my size aren't really lust as it's just magic when they happen.

sock yarn isn't lust either.

nor is alpaca.

right now? i'm super lusting after feeling better and warm weather.

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