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Happy Birthday! My son's 14th bday is tomorrow - he's hoping for a snow day as a present!

I've taken up tennis...while I learned it young and played it a bit in my 20's I never played regularly. The past 2 summers I've tried to work on it more and have really enjoyed it as an activity.


Happy Birthday, my Bev!

I would love to try skiing and/or snowboarding. I think. Maybe one of these days.


Christina Scovel

Inspired activities? I'm not sure I have a new one. I've been trying to get a good yoga practice in every day. It has been a challange - but feels good when I get to it! Inpsires me to want to try harder and get more in!


Happy happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely time. :)


Happy Birthday, Bev!


happy belated birthday BEV!


Happy Birthday Bev! It's birthday week here too- DS#2's was on Monday and DS#1's is on Saturday. Glad you celebrated in style and had fun too! :-)

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