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You are such a dork. ;op If I had known I was going to make it into the bibliography, I'd have used correct capitalization and punctuation, lol

I heartily agree - and good job running with my suggestion! :o))


Heh heh - you assumed that I was interesting. Obviously you're missing something. I still think you shoulda gone with pajamajeans. They're freakin' brilliant. And my dad ordered me a pair. I actually called to check in on them. I'm just *that* excited about them.

Christina Scovel

God I'm so bored with the Olympics right now. Way to kill something wonderful!


Tweeting for a topic is GENIUS.


Oh, how about 2 minutes of coverage then 2 1/2 minutes of commercials! I can't believe I just wrote that and I worked in advertising.

Also, could Bob Costas cut back on the Just For Men hair dye?


Thank you. I also think the Olympic coverage has been sucktacular. I pretty much have been entirely put off since the opening ceremonies when NBC aired slomo of the luger being killed about six times in a row. Way to exercise sensitivity. Although I will give them mad props for the hysterical montage of the bad ass "evil" Russian ice skater... He had enemies in sequines you know...

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