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Well, I crashed and burned, but at the same time I got more writing done than I've accomplished since graduating almost two years ago, so that's something. I think I want to try again next year, though, with a completely different MO. I may have to get the book (would you recommend it?). Thanks for the push in the right direction. :)


Congrats! I'm soo happy you have rediscovered the love and joy of putting words on paper! xx ya and thank you for supporting me as I crossed the 50k mark just about with you. i miss writing fiction and i find november fun in the past few years that I've done nano. i just need to learn to run a more consistent 50k instead of sprinting the last two weeks.


You are a writer and you should feel so accomplished! 50K words!!!! Oo la la! Relax and say aaahhhh. Hugs!


Awesome! I think I "crafted" about 5000 this month, most of which began like this:

Directions: Before you begin this assessment, put your name on it

. . . one of these days I'll give it a whirl.

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