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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To Neal!

What a wonderful photo!

I miss reading about your knitting and other craft projects. Having them back here will be wonderful.

I'm sure if you work on your project every day you'll be able to have it done in time. I have faith in you.



I'll be at Rhinebeck with some of the Scissor Squad! We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for you. :-) xoxo


Happy birthday to Neal!
I hope we finally meet at Rhinebeck this year!


You know you'll find me in Bldg A! I can't wait to see you. And I LOVE this picture! Yummy.


i hope our paths do cross in person and i send good wishes to seeing you realizing your 100 day goals! xx ya!


Love the pic. It is so sweet and candid. Maybe I can try again this year for Rhinebeck? I would love to go...

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