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Go to outfit? I'm a jeans and soft fitted tee kind of gal. Not glamorous, but it's me. I do like to dress it up sometimes with a nice blouse though, and those do look incredibly cute!


Oooh, I love those!

My uniform is jeans and some sort of a t-shirt, but with more shape and embellishment. i've been adding more cotton skirts into the rotation as summer comes on. Comfortable but cute (I hope?). Though, I do have those days where I'm looking over my shoulders for Stacy and Quentin with the cameras.


My uniform? Jeans (summer and winter). I have two pairs of realllly nice jeans that I alternate every other day. For tops - summer I wear a lot of baby doll souvenir tshirts (Don't Get Drunk, Get Ugly from Coyote Ugly is a favorite that's kind of been benched since bambino...seems inappropriate) and winter is ribbed turtlenecks. I'm so boring.


I have a dress actually, this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/8491758@N07/3356850439/ one, and I wear that if I'm going out any where. Currently I do have a uniform for work, and when I come home I just put on cottom shorts and a shirt after a shower! I hate wearing pants, although I do, I just don't like them! I love those shirts!


Chinos/khakis and a T-shirt. Lately I've been leaning toward Vera Wang for Kohls for my shirts. They are well made, inexpensive (especially when you have a Kohls card), wash and dry well, and they are a little bit on the wild side!


My uniform is a pair of cotton slacks (I have several of the same, in navy, black, and dark green), and a black or navy knit top. For work, I'll add a faux-linen blazer - unfortunately, I'm hard to fit, and I can't stand polyester and such, so... I buy 3-4 of anything I find that I like. My entire wardrobe is a uniform!


My uniform is a pair of well worn jeans, a pony tail, flip flops and any v neck short sleeved shirt in kid proof fabric. I'm not kidding about the fabric, it wipes clean with a one baby wipe. Saved me from embarrassment many times!


White v-neck t-shirt and yoga pants. If I leave the house, take away yoga pants and add jeans. ;op

Jean Marie

Here's mine:
Pants - jeans are my preference (capris or shorts when its really hot), but for work I wear khakis/dockers, wide-legged ponte knit pants (from my sewing adventures but I think they fit!), or nice capris (when it's hot) - work currently is a Montessori school, often with the kids (I'm the "floater" so I sub in where ever I'm needed).

Nicer, semi-fitted t-shirt or blouse - most of my shirts are ones I've made as I can not stand most RTW shirts - I walk around tugging the front down constantly. At least if I've made it I can adjust so that fit issue is corrected!

Flats with hand-knit socks in cold weather, flats/no socks or sandals when its hot.

Also I avoid polyester fabrics; for some reason I collect static electricity and discharge it into whatever (or whomever!) I touch, and I don't build up as much charge if I stick with mostly natural fiberts.


If you want to try a wrap dress, look up Vogue 8379 on the google machine. It's easy and could work until you save up that $300 (crazy)!

My uniform is actually a uniform - I wear one for work. It's pretty darn easy getting dressed. I find if I'm not working, I wear sweats (nice ones). I would not recommend this lazy practice to you though.


Usually I'm wearing a T-shirt and jeans, or shorts, but I'm trying to look a little more put together. Lately I've been trying to wear more skirts, and you know what? The skirt is way more breezy and cool than shorts and perfect for hot weather.


black crew neck, short or long sleeve tee, depending on the season. jeans at home, office-y pants at work, natch.
neat jewelry. 2 out of 3 gifts i get are jewelry.
wedge heels, often.

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