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Rudy got 5 cups of coffee today! And I will continue to help each day....prayers are with Sheila, Tim, Rudy and their family.

Kay in Albuquerque

Rudy gets 5 cups from me -- tomorrow too -- right up there with the freekibble sites that I do every day. If you don't know what those are, let me know and I will send links!

Sheila Weinberger Cope

I don't know how I missed this until just now. Last week was crazy and then I slept for two days straight. Now I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I love you too and miss you something fierce. Rudy sends kisses (though his mouth is a mess right now so you'd probably be better off with a handshake). I also bet if you asked nicely and were holding a treat, he'd show you his newest trick - the stop, drop and roll. It's awesome.

Thank you for this post, for the nice things you said, for loving my dog and my old shop and for being my friend.

But - you forgot about the really cool bag you bought the first time you came to the shop and we first discovered our mutual bag fetish.

Now, spinning probably won't happen here but I sure wish you were close enough to help me figure out how to sew.

Tim sends his love and thanks too.


And THANK YOU Nancy and Kay!

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