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wow, he thought just taking two pages was alright as long as there was citation? Wow, I'm very glad my high school trained me adequately for college! Well I'm glad you had a good semester!


Interesting. I fell into the category of your first student myself during college. Somehow I managed but it was a rude awakening! Too bad I didn't have someone like you then. I'm going to try to go along with Dave's summer goals too. Should be fun and with all that fiber spun up there will be space for more!


The Plagiarist. Ugh. Sounds like a bad off Broadway play! Good thing the curtain is falling on that one. I am looking forward to hearing if G actually got into the summer program I signed him up for, and I'm looking forward to going to Sock Summit in August.


Grading papers sucks. Full stop. Ironically, I caught my first full-on plagiarism of the year. In middle school, it's a zero and a detention. Not a lot of consequences.


Oh dear we have had a string of plagiarists to deal with this past week. Luckily the university has exceedingly clear guidelines about how to deal with them!

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