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That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer. I'll be rooting for you from the land of socks.


Is that a Bosworth spindle? I just bought a Bosworth Midi down in MD last weekend and spun up a cheapo little roving snake for practice. It was really lovely! And I got a woolee winder for the lendrum. So spinning is in order for me, too! Oh, yeah, and socks with Cookie. :)

Dave Daniels

Nice Bossie. And you're going to have a great summer. Imagine spinning some of your stash, and then WEAVING with it???


NICE. I finally got to spinning for about a half hour a few weeks ago. It felt wonderful. I can't wait to see what you spin up this summer. Enabler. ;-)


beautiful. i knew i forgot to pick up something at maryland for my spinning summer.. plain tussah (i have a tussah merino blend on my bossie). i look forward to enjoying this with summer you and dave. :)


Ooo, I love Bosworth spindles, and Tussah silk... (sigh) Beautiful.

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